Matthias Rothenga?

Teacher Trainer

Matthias is a licensed youth-care worker with a plethora of experience working with children and teenagers both in and out of doors. He loves traveling and connecting with new places and people.

Besides his license as an outdoor education trainer, Matthias is also a certified rock climbing trainer (DAV –German Alps Association), a certified ropes course trainer, a tour guide for canoeing and kayaking, and a member of the German Experiential Education Association.

Matthias is a trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), focused mainly on our “Waldorf Camp Life” Training.

Wolfgang is a trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), primarily our “Theory of Waldorf Education” Training.

Dr. Wolfgang-Michael Auer

Teacher Trainer

Wolfgang is a Waldorf graduate from Stuttgart Uhlandsh?he, the World’s 1st Waldorf school. He has a son, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy/Science of Art degree, and was formerly a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School for 30 years in Bochum, Germany, prior to becoming a teacher trainer.

As an educator trainer, he has designed a new concept of schooling for the first two grades for better development of the senses of the child. He teaches worldwide at various universities as a lecturer. Wolfgang is the author of several books on the twelve senses and their importance in education and on figurative art in school.

Helen Bullard

Camp Principal

Helen is an Art Therapist and Waldorf early childhood educator, USA. She discovered Waldorf through her research for her master’s degree. She subsequently attended Waldorf teacher training at Antioch, New England, USA, where she received her M. Ed. ?

As the mother of a daughter, and wife to a fellow Waldorf teacher, she understands the challenges families face in today‘s fast-paced world. ?

She has been both an early childhood and elementary class teacher in several Waldorf schools, as well as later studying Simplicity Parenting with Kim John Payne. In her free time Helen is an avid gardener and felt artist, where she combines her enthusiasm for the natural world and her love of the creative arts.

Helen is a principal for our Family Camps, and trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), specifically our “Waldorf Early Childhood Education” Training.

Noemi is a trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), primarily our “Waldorf Arts, Eurythmy, Group Dynamics” Training.

Noemi B?ken

Teacher Trainer

Noemi attended Waldorf School from kindergarten through high school in the south of Germany. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Eurythmy, and the diploma of curative (therapeutic) eurhythmics in Germany.

She has worked as a Eurythmy stage artist for three years and was a school teacher for 15 years in a variety of Waldorf schools in Switzerland, Germany, Nepal, and Thailand. Noemi founded the first independent Eurythmy private enterprise, working worldwide.

She is now working as a Social Eurythmist in Switzerland and as a Curative Eurythmist in a clinical setting in Zürich – when she is not somewhere else on the globe, busy with Waldorf projects. Noemi also runs a grass roots humanity project in Kathmandu for orphans.

Dr. Philipp Busche

Teacher Trainer

Philipp is a father of three, and a specialized doctor for internal medicine and gastroenterology, as well as a paramedic, based in Switzerland.

Like his father, Philipp is also an anthroposophical physician, who completed his anthroposophical training at the Eugen-Kolisko Academy in Filderstadt, Germany.

He is the chairman of the Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany as well as of the Initiative for Training in the Anthroposophical Medicine Association. In addition, Philip is a member of the commission of Medication of Hufeland Society, and of the International Coordination of Anthroposophical Medicine, Dornach-Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Philipp is a trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), especially our “Anthroposophy & Health, Human Studies & Accident Aid” Training.

CD is a trainer for the WWC teacher training (Level 5+), involved in most trainings, from introduction and theory of Waldorf Education, Anthroposophy, Human development (12 senses, development stages, … ) as well as principal, counselor, outdoor experiential educational training.

Christoph Daniel Jia-Jungermann


Christoph Daniel, founder of World Waldorf Camp, is still actively involved in trainings. Conceptualizing the trainings and programs, he has modules of his own and supports and facilitates the trainings of other teachers.

Christoph Daniel is a Waldorf graduate from Rudolf Steiner School Bochum, Ruhr area, the World’s biggest?Waldorf school (by pupils). His grandparents, parents and 6 siblings are deeply interwoven with Waldorf education. He holds a diploma degree in economics, business administration, and was formerly a futurologist for the Daimler (Mercedes Benz) AG corporation and their China research correspondent.

Prior to becoming the founder of World Waldorf Camp, he used to be an outdoor enthusiast and entrepreneur. In his youth, Christoph Daniel was a certified youth trainer (DAV – German Alps Association) and certified rescue diver (DLRG – German Life-saving Society).